Teams to choose from:

​- 2- Person Team (5k 0r 10.5k)
-- Husband / Wife
​-- Parent / Child
(NOTE: Must be registered by 28 March 2016)

Register on-line  or Download Form

- Challenge Teams
-- *Corporate Team (5k): The team with the most participants
​-- *The Cause (5k): The team that raises the most money for the Alzheimer's Association
​*on-line registration not available, must
Download Form

-- **Military (10.5k): Active/reserve/guard military/or a veteran team with the best overall time (4-person team, one must be female)
Register on-line  or Download form

Notes for Challenge Teams: 
​1. $2 off each Corporate and The Cause Challenges entry when 6 or more are mailed together; must be received by 18 March  for discount and to be guaranteed a shirt; registrations will NOT be accepted after 25 March)

2. "The Cause": To assist you to form a team and raise money, go to "
Team -- The Cause"